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Our multi award winning chunky steak pie is our flag ship pie. Made with locally sourced beef and with 4 awards to its name including Gold in the 2012 British Pie awards it’s easy to see why it’s such a winner.

Our Second multi award winning pie is our Whist pie, sticking to a recipe that’s over 30 years old!! This pie contains beef and bacon and a few more secret ingredients topped with jelly. This pie is great for buffets, and has won Sliver at 2011 British Pie Awards.

Our third award winning pie is our traditional pork pie made with a hot pastry mix and pork that is from a local supplier makes this a classic favourite. Our Pork pie has two awards to its name, the lasts of which is the bronze in the National Supreme Product Championship.

The Bowens number one seller is the potato and meat pie and it’s not hard to see why. We use only the best ingredients, with locally sourced beef and potatoes that are from English farms. It’s a clear favourite.

These are the same size as a pork pie, It has top quality minced beef inside and is topped with jelly and is our most popular small pie.

One of the latest editions to Bowens is our steak puddings. Specially designed for chip shops, this pudding offers our quality minced steak wrapped in steamed pastry. Accompanied with chips, this is the perfect pudding for any meal.

Our large steak pudding is similar to our smaller steak pudding however this large pudding contains our deliciously tender award winning chunky steak filling and is often shared between two people.

Bowens originated from a butchers so we know the perfect way to make top quality sausage meat. It is rolled by hand in pastry to make the perfect sausage roll. We also offer these in buffet style as well.

The butter pie is the same size as our potato and meat. This classic pie contains butter, onions and English potatoes with a little bit of pepper makes this a popular pie.

At Bowens we also make hand crafted 10” pies. These beautifully handmade pies can have any of our deliciously tasty fillings and can offer portions of 6-8 people

This great tasting pasty not only tastes good but is also suitable for vegetarians making this a popular pasty.

This Cornish style pasty has all the great tasting filling that a Cornish pasty should have and has the traditional Cornish style shape as well.

Known as a plate pie this contains our top quality minced steak with onions in succulent rich gravy.

This has the same appearance as a flat steak pie, but by using quality chicken fillets and English grown mushroom with gravy the chicken and mushroom offers a great white meat pie.

Speciality Pies

Made from the finest fruit mixture and Bowens sweet pastry this festive special is one of the best mince pies on the market and will certainly not disappoint.

Another festive favourite is our large pork pie. Using the same top quality pork mix as the smaller pork pie it is topped with jelly and this will serve 6-8 people. This is a great piece to have on your table come Christmas day or any other day for that matter.

Using our sweet pastry and fruit we can make the perfect fruit pie for sharing. These include:

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